Circuit Scribe and Electroninks
Statement on Unity

drawing of three fists raised in solidarity
text listing five STEM organizations that benefit the Black community

At Circuit Scribe and Electroninks we are committed to ensuring that all people have access to education and educational tools. Our vision is to inspire the world to chase their curiosity and expand their knowledge. For us, an inspired world is one that is inclusive, equitable, and without barriers.

We are deeply saddened by the pain and unrest across our country. Racism has no place in our world. We stand in solidarity with our friends and community members in demanding equity.

Knowledge is power and should be accessible to everyone. Please consider volunteering or donating to the STEM organizations we've listed here:

     - Austin Alliance of Black School Educators

     - Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering

     - Black Girls Code
     - Texas Alliance of Black School Educators

     - National Society of Black Engineers