Lessons and Projects

In our Building with Circuit Scribe series, we work our way through the Inventor's Notebook one page and concept at a time.

In this series, we explore Circuit Scribe's module library and explain how to put them to use.

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Fun Projects

Help your kids join in on the fun or find inspiration for your own circuit creations.

Spinning Wall Art

Spinning Helicopter  Hat

Custom Cardboard Drone Arms

Step-by-Step Projects

Apply what you've learned or help your kids learn something new at their own pace, one step at a time.

a  color blender circuit made of conductive silver ink and modules created in the inventor's notebook
paper craft flashing firetruck windows blink red and blue
Circuit Scribe ink and modules showing a parallel circuit next to a series circuit

Color Blender Circuit

Electric Eel Coloring Activity

Series vs. Parallel Circuits

a  high five detector circuit made of conductive silver ink and modules
Papercraft fire truck alternating blinking red and blue using cir scribe conductive ink, LED modules, power module and 9 volt battery

High Five Detector 

Flashing Fire Truck

Circuit Scribe Statement on Unity

Free Drone Science Curriculum   

Are you looking to teach the science of drone flight at home or in a classroom? You're in luck! We've developed teaching materials around our Drone Builder Kit that includes lessons on physics, circuitry and flight. 

Download Drone Kit Curriculum!
Assembled Circuit Scribe Drone with conductive ink pens, motors, propellors, hub and batteries
Girl looking at buzzer circuit in Circuit Scribe Inventor's Notebook

Free Inventors Notebook 

Learning circuitry at home has never been easier with a free downloadable version of our Inventor's Notebook. With its help, your kids will be able to learn simple to complex circuits and how they work. Feel free to print it out, share it with friends or impress family with your new know-how!

Try using the Inventor's Notebook with our free augmented reality app, CS Circuits. You've got to see it to believe it - available on iOS!

Download Electronic Kits Notebook!

Electronics 101

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Mini Kit
Mini Kit
Mini Kit
Mini Kit

Mini Kit

Basic Kit
Basic Kit
Basic Kit
Basic Kit
Basic Kit

Basic Kit

Super Kit
Super Kit
Super Kit

Super Kit

Ultra Kit
Ultra Kit
Ultra Kit

Ultra Kit


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